Current Team

Current Team

Project management will continue to be led by founder Attila Kiss, co-founder Philipp Gruben (electrics), Daniel Hartung (embedded) and Ali Küçük (management). Prof. Dr. Bauer who, despite his retirement, continues to back us and remains at our side with advice and action. His active function will now be taken over by Prof. Dr. Ing. Klesen. Electrical engineer and co-founder Alexander Klein continues to provide great support.

In addition, many newcomers have been welcomed to the teams of management and technology. Students who stood out from a large number of applicants were assigned to their departments and after successful onboarding are now integral parts of the team.

As dynamic as the motorcycle itself, the project team fully committed to new ways of retaining productivity and team work in the midst of the Corona pandemic.

Instead of meeting in the workshop, regular online meetings with additional team building events were organized.

Say hi to all those highly motivated faces!

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